Thinking Apples
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Thinking Apples is a place where thought meets reality. We are firm believers in the acronym "We are our desires". Therefore TA goes beyond the traditional approach of creating websites which are just errr websites. We create interactive solutions which serve purposes beyond merely conveying information and giving you a "formal" webpresence. The world is becoming a place where markets have become virtually boundaryless.

Our solutions are interactive giving your users/customers a more complete and connected experience. At the same time it ensures you get usable feedback irrespective of the fact that whether a user fills in a feedback form or not. The content management system can serve you and your business in ways you would have never imagined. Indulge yourself and harness the power of the "world wide web" through Thinking Apples.

We offer dynamic website development and consultancy for Open Source solutions to power your business. Open Source is the answer to get all the functionalities you want for your organisation. We create Web 2.0 based applications which allows you to avail these services through a secure window on your webserver.